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What you need to do

In order to instruct us please telephone our office to arrange an appointment or drop in to our office where one of our helpful staff will assist. If you have received papers in connection with your case it may be helpful if you bring these to the office in advance of your meeting. When you arrange an appointment you will be asked to provide a contact telephone number in case we need to contact you. You will also be asked a brief discription of what your case is about so we can try and be prepared for meeting you.

What you need to bring with you

We require all new clients to provide two forms of identification when they instruct us. We cannot undertake any work until we have this on our file. One form of identification should have your photograph.


Acceptable forms of photographic ID


  • Valid Passport

  • Vald Photocard Driving Licence ( full or provisional)

  • Scottish Goverment Travel Card


Second form of Identification should have your address these include


  • Valid Photocard Driving Licence

  • Paper Driving Licence

  • Benefit Entitlement Letter

  • HMRC Documentation

  • Current Council Tax Demand

  • Current Bank Statement (dated within the last 3 Months) but not an internet print out

  • Up to date Utility Bill (not  a mobile phone bill)


If there are any difficulties in providing two of the above items of identification (one from each list) please telephone our office to discuss what information you can provide.

Applying for Legal Aid

If you believe you may be entitled to Legal Aid we will require a note of your national insurance number and you must provide your most recent bank statement or wage slip. If you do not bring this with you you may be charged for your first meeting even if you are entitled to legal aid.

Cancellation of Appointment

If you find that you cannot attend for your appointment please telephone our office as soon as possible and we will be happy to rearrange it for you.


If we do not hear from you and you repeatedly fail to attend for an appointment we may refuse to give any future appointments.​

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