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Please note - following the necessary changes required by COVID and the closing of the courts we have decided to close our office in Motherwell and we are now working from home. We have changed our address to a PO Box but our telephone number and email addresses remain the same.

We are now meeting clients via zoom which is often more convenient to clients who no longer require to take time off or travel to our office. We have also used this time to concentrate our work on incapacity law.

Please note that most court hearings continue to be remote hearings using the courts webex system.

We will continue to provide  updates  and developments on this page and via our Facebook page.


We are now meetingswith clients via Zoom. Changes have been made to legislation to allow for the signing of legal aid papers, the witnessing of documents and notarial executions over such platforms. With Zoom, you do not need to have a Zoom account. If you have a smartphone, tablet or computer we can email you a link and arrange a time for our meeting. This may be more convenient for many clients who will no longer need to take a full afternoon out of their day to attend a short meeting. We can also use Skype if necessary.

Where necessary (and COVID risk permitting) we can arrange home visits for meetings and signature of documents.

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