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Price Transparency

Following the guidance on Price Transparency issued by the Law Society of Scotland we would issue the following guidance in relation to our feeing structure Please note that the following information is guidance only. Clients will be issued with Terms of Business providing full details of the terms of the contract setting out the fee mechanism applying to their case:-

Our terms of business outline that fees are charged based on the following  considerations

●    The complexity of the work or matter
●    The difficulty or novelty of the matter
●    The importance and value of the subject matter
●    The time spent on your work
●    The volume and importance of documents to be prepared or reviewed
●    The  degree of urgency  (including any significant overtime requirements)
●    The seniority of the personnel involved
●    The place where the work has to be carried out


We generally use a unit-based system of calculating fees as set out below and therefore all work is undertaken on a "time on line" basis where each unit is 1/10th of our hourly rate. We operate a fixed-fee service in a few situations. In exceptional cases, we reserve the right not to continue on a fixed fee basis (for example a person who repeatedly changed their will before completion of the work or who after initial instructions sought to provide complex instructions). We reserve the right to apply a restriction on the fee or charge a lesser fee for existing clients.



The work involved in a fixed fee case for a simple will is - meeting with you, taking instructions and providing advice, drafting your will, sending this to you, meeting with you to discuss the terms of the drafted will, and having you sign this. Your will is your document and we will hold this on your behalf in our secure will safe and provide you with a copy or provide you with the original. We have a fee for instructions from an individual or for a couple who are undertaking "mirror" wills.

Individual £210 inc VAT

Mirror £300 inc VAT

Powers of Attorney

The work involved in a fixed fee case for a simple Power of Attorney is meeting with you, taking instructions and providing advice, making any necessary enquiries with regard to capacity, drafting your Power of Attorney, meeting with you to discuss the draft and having you sign the document. We thereafter obtain the necessary consents from your attorney for the registration of the document and produce one certified copy of the document. As with wills, we will hold this in our will safe if requested. Also, there is a restricted fee for "mirror" instructions from a couple.

Individual £420 plus registration fee (£85*) TOTAL £505

Mirror £720 plus registration fee (£170*) TOTAL £890

Revocation of PoA- Per revocation- (vat inc.) £60

This includes VAT but any outlay such as a doctor's fee will be in addition to this.

Additional copies of Powers of Attorney - £24 each or 3 copies for £39

*Registration fee as of August 2023


Divorce - Simplified

Where a party is looking to apply for a simplified divorce, where there are no children under 16 or financial claims £406 inc VAT plus court registration fee.

Divorce - Undefended Ordinary action

Where a party with children is looking to finalise their divorce, with children under the age of 16 but has no financial claim of £1800 inc VAT plus court fees. If birth certificates require to be obtained then there will be additional outlays.

Signing Affidavits/ Notarising Documents

The fee for signing affidavits or notarising documents is £66 inc VAT per page


In respect of all other work, we will calculate the fee based on "time online". Each hour is divided into 10 units of 6 minutes and time, letters, telephones and other such work is charged on a unit basis (each unit is charged at 1/10 of the current hourly rate of £300 including VAT).  

Below are details of the units involved in carrying out work.  We will advise you of an estimate of the cost of your case at any time if requested and should you wish to discuss the level of fees involved in your case please feel free to contact our office.   

We reserve the right to charge either court expenses or a private fee as set out at our discretion.  We may issue you with interim fee notes at intervals as we progress with your case.


   Drawing Documents   
1.    Deeds, documents of contractual effect, Court writs, Pleadings, Affidavits,  motions of substance, Financial Statements, Accounts, inventories (other than of writ), schedules, Memorials for opinion (per sheet)    5 units
2.    Pro-forma documents with variable and standard clauses inserted (per sheet)    3 units
3.    Other papers including transfers, Minutes of Meetings, Statements or Precognitions, simple debt recover Writs (per sheet)    3 units
4.    Intimation and Certificates     1.25 units
5.    Perusing documents received (per sheet) 1.5 units


1.    Normal letters, faxes, e-mails and letters with cheques (per page)    1.25 units
2.    Formal letters and circulars    0.5 units
3.    Copy letters (same letter to several people) for 2nd & subsequent letters (per page)    0.5 units


   Telephone Calls   
1.    For the first 6 minutes of part thereof     1 unit
2.    Calls over 6 minutes are charged on a time basis   
3.    Formal  telephone calls    0.5units
    No charge for less than 50 copies. Where copying is 50 or more (per page)    0.02 units
1.    For the First 6 minutes or part thereof    1 unit
2.    For each subsequent 6 minutes or part thereof..    1 unit

The time occupied in travelling or waiting will be included where appropriate
    Acting as Notary   
1.    Notarial certificates and attestations and similar acts including notarising court affidavits (note this does not include the drawing or revising of the document)    3 units
2.    Notarial copies per sheet   1 unit

1 Sheet = 250 words               1 page = 125 words
    Mileage will be charged for necessary travel out with the Motherwell Area at the current Legal Aid Board rate.  Parking will be charged as an outlay   
    Use of a Law Accountant or Auditor of Court in the preparation of your fee will be charged as an outlay.  This does not affect your right to have your file sent for independent taxation.  If a fee is prepared by us you will be charged on a time-on-line basis as indicated above.   
    Unqualified time is charged at ½  rate    

Fees are correct as of 15th July 2023

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