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Divorce and Separation

Divorce and Separation

Clients often need assistance in resolving the financial aspects of their separation. The law views the assets of a married couple as joint property so we need to divide that property to allow each party to move on with their lives. Often clients think they need to get divorced first but in Scots law, you can only get divorced after you resolve issues with the children and the matrimonial finances.


Sometimes clients have resolved matters themselves and they only need assistance with their divorce but many clients need advice on what they are entitled to from the matrimonial pot.


We aim to assist clients through the process of obtaining valuations of their assets, and advising them on their entitlement. We believe that our role is to provide you with the advice you need to move matters forward. If you can move matters forward yourself we believe that you should be given the option to do this. You are our client and we follow your instructions. We believe that our role is to help you resolve matters not to add to the problems you have in your marriage.


Of course, not all cases can be resolved by negotiation and where necessary we will pursue your rights through court.


Please contact our office to arrange an appointment if you wish to discuss aspects of your separation or divorce.

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