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Guardianships & Powers of Attorney

We all know the importance of making a will but what about if you were to take ill or have an accident who would make choices on your medical care? Or look after your finances? With a little bit of planning, we can help you have peace of mind your wishes will be taken care of.


At Lunny & Co solicitors, we believe everyone should have a power of attorney so they can make choices about who looks after their affairs should the worst happen. None of us would wish to have decisions about our care made by doctors or the government when we often have our own views or beliefs on how we should be cared for.


A power of attorney can spare loved ones the burden and cost of obtaining the powers after the event through the court system.


All is not lost if you or your loved one does not have a power of attorney in place and are no longer in a position to make the choices for themselves. At Lunny & Co we have a keen interest in Guardianship cases. A guardianship would be required should an individual not be able to make decisions for themselves and did not have a power of attorney in place.

- Guide to Guardianships.

- Guide to Power of Attorney.

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